This text is a beginner’s guide where we will describe step by step the rules of poker, how to invest, poker combinations and the flow of play in one of the most popular poker versions, Texas Holdem (Texas Hold’em).

Poker history

One of the oldest records relating to poker was made by Jonathan Green in 1834. He then wrote down the rules of the game called “fake game”. Since this game had no name at the time, he called it poker. Poker gained popularity in the early twentieth century, when it grew into an activity practiced by a small group of men, but then became even more attractive and began to be played by everyone. Over time, tournaments began to be held with huge millions of earnings for the best.

Poker Full House with two kings and three ladies

Poker Basics

We’ll start with how certain ways of investing work, and then start learning the basic rules of poker. You can practice in your home, at various online poker tables, with free resources at various online poker sites. We personally recommend 1xBet for online poker playing, given that a long tradition combined with expert staff have made this casino game almost perfect. When you play several games you will be ready to learn all the rules of poker and advanced techniques that can earn you great profits.

Poker combinations

Royal Flush

Royal Flush

The strongest hand in poker is the royal flash. It is made up of dozens, gendarmes, ladies, king and ace in the same sign.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush

The second strongest hand in poker is straight flash. It is made up of five matching cards in the same character. If two players have a straight flash the winner is the one with the bigger card.

Poker – Four of a Kind

Poker - Four of a Kind

Poker is a four-card hand, in this case four kings. If two players have poker the winner is the player with the stronger card.

Full House

Full House

Full House is a combination of three of the same cards and one pair. If two players have a full bet, then one with three cards is better.

Color – Flesh

Color - Flesh

Five cards of the same character make up the color. If two players have the color the winner is the one with the strongest card.



Straight makes five cards in a row. If more players have a straight the winner is the one with the strongest card.

Three of a Kind

Three of a kind

Trilling consists of three of the same cards. If two players have a trilling, the one with the stronger cards wins, that is, decide the two remaining cards.

Two Pairs

Two Pairs

Just the name says, two pairs are made up of two pairs of cards of the same kind. If two players have two pairs, the winner is the one with the highest cards, that is, if the players have the identical two pairs, the player with the higher five card wins.



The pair is made up of two cards of the same type. Since the hand in poker is made up of five cards, the remaining three cards are called kickers. If two players have the same pair, the kickers decide in that case.

High Card

High Card

Unless you have a pair, all the cards in your hand are viewed. In this case, the player with the strongest cards in the hand wins.

All possible hands in poker

Options that a poker player has


If you do not wish to continue, you can submit your tickets and leave the round.


If no one has made a bet before you, then you can do it yourself. For example, you say “invest 20” and attach your chips. Everyone who wants to continue must pay 20 chips, and if they do not want to give up the round.


You can also increase your stake. For example, on an opponent’s stake of 20 chips, you can raise the stake to 40. This way you increase the stake for everyone else who wants to stay in the game.


If someone has placed a bet before you, you have the option to follow it, and in order to do so you need to place as many chips.


If no one has invested anything before you, you have the opportunity to wait. This means that you are not betting, but letting the next player move. In other words, this means “I’ll wait to see what happens”.

Aces in Texas Holdem Poker

Flop, Turn, River – Five community cards in poker

These cards in poker are dealt by the dealer on the table and face up for each player to see. They do not belong to one player only and each player can use them to make their best five-card combination.


The first three community cards to be dealt after the first betting round. The dealer on the table removes the first card from the top of the deck, and then pulls three cards face up, while the first card he draws is face down, and this is the so-called “burning card”.


After the second round, the fourth card is revealed, and the way is the same – the card from the top “burns” and the next card is thrown on the table.


After the third round of betting, the fifth, final card comes out. This map is called river. The draw mode is the same, the map from the top burns, followed by the river.

Texas Holdem Poker example hands

The best starting cards in Texas Holdem Poker

One of the first and most important things to learn with Texas Holdem is the poker start cards, which are good to go on and which are not.

Deciding whether the two tickets you received in the first deal are favorable or not is most important with each deal.

The best bets you can get on how to get started poker cards:

Strong doubles

  • As-As
  • King-King
  • Lady-Lady
  • Jack-Jack
  • 10-10

Strong cards with the same color

  • As-King
  • As-Lady
  • King-Lady
  • As-Jack
  • King-Jack
  • Lady-Jack
  • Jack-10

Strong cards that are not in the same color

  • As-King
  • As-Lady
  • King-Lady
Texas Holdem Poker - four of a kind

These cards are very important in poker and new players can often lose if they do not know this thing. Considering that your two tickets are the only thing that can make you a profit and a profit, we think it is very important that you know this.

The other factor that decides the height of your stake is your position. If you are first in line, you should always quit unless you have good tickets. If you are closer to the end you have the opportunity to evaluate your opponents and you can decide how much to invest

With cards such as A-J, K-Q, K-J, Q-J, K-10, Q-10 and J-10 you should not play after raising the stakes if you are in the starting position. Your goal is to invest when you have the strongest tickets. In the long run with these cards you will lose money.

Medium pairs are good to start with, but if you have nothing to look for after finding the main cards on the table or flop, it’s best to give up.

King and Queen in Texas Holdem

Top 10 tickets to get started in Texas Holdem Poker

  • A-A (pair of Aces)
  • K-K (pair of Kings)
  • Q-Q (couple of Ladies)
  • A-K (As and King)
  • J-J (pair of Jacks)
  • 10-10 (pair of Tens)
  • 9-9 (pair of Nines)
  • 8-8 (pair of Eight)
  • A-Q (As Lady)
  • 7-7 (couple of Sevens)

Top Role Play Cards Before Discovering Major Cards in Texas Holdem Poker

  • A-A (pair of Aces)
  • K-K (pair of Kings)
  • Q-Q (couple of Ladies)
  • A-K (As King)
  • J-J (pair of Jack)
  • 10-10 (pair of Tens)
  • A-Q (As – Lady)
Texas Holdem Poker hands

With these cards you should wait the main cards in Texas Holdem Poker

  • A-J (As-Jack)
  • K-Q (King of Ladies)
  • Q-J (Lady Jack)
  • J-10 (Jack 0 Ten)
  • 9-9 (pair of Nines)
  • 8-8 (pair of Eight)
  • 7-7 (couple of Sevens)
  • A-10 (Ace)
  • 10-9 in the same color (10 and 9 in the same color)