Here you will find an overview of all our reviews for online casinos. We only recommend casinos that are available and operating in Nigeria. Check the list below of the Best Online Casinos in Nigeria for 2023.

High bonus offers
Huge amount of slots
Bonuses for loyal users
100% bonus + free bets
Variety of casino games
Bitcoin casino
Relaxing green colors
Bonus on first 5 deposits
Best game BonanzaBallz

Rating of Online Casinos Available for Nigeria – Casino Reviews is a Nigerian portal. The casino reviews for online casinos are all written in English. There are professional terms included in our casino reviews and if you have questions about them please let us know via the contact form.

List of online casinos you can play in Nigeria:

Our reviews of online casino reviews are objective

We have tried to make our casino reviews and ratings for online casinos as objective as possible. We strive to provide you with all the advantages and disadvantages that online casinos have. You will not notice that all casinos are listed as “incredible”, but each estimate provides enough information for a detailed and clear picture of the online casinos.

In the casino reviews we have high rated casinos, followed by casinos that are close to being the best, yet missing some features. As a typical good casino, we consider a casino that has at least 4 stars. Some will have some disadvantages, such as a small selection of games, a progressive Jackpot or something, which will lower the casino’s rating. However, this will in no way prevent you from playing in that casino.

Finally, we have several online casinos that we have rated as good, so we will assist you in selecting them. Generally, these casinos have a good rating, backed up on a good basis and of course high bonuses, so our recommendation is for them. Our advice would be to choose between 1XBet Casino, 22Bet Casino and Betway Casino.

The content of our casino reviews

Here we will explain in more detail the content of our casino reviews.

Ratings of the online casinos

Star rating for online casinos

These are the values ​​from 1 to 5 with which we evaluate the online casino in terms of games, bonuses, payouts, mobile support, customer support, design and more. Also you, the users, can rate the online casinos on our page.


In casino reviews, we briefly explain the beginnings, the tradition, the founders, the licence, the offer and the features of the casino, ie in a few short sentences about what awaits you below.

Game selection in online casinos

For many, the choice of games is important in a casino. In this section of casino reviews you can find out about the games offered by the online casino, their rank, whether they offer live games, do they offer games such as roulette and blackjack, slot games, video poker, and other casino games and the like.

Casino Pictures

In casino reviews, we put a few screenshots to give you an idea of ​​what to expect when you log on to their site.


This section is reserved for you to know the games you are playing, and from what game provider they are.

Bonus and promotions


One of the most important parts of online casinos. We all want to know what kind of bonus we get from joining them or what the promotion is on the “menu”. Do they offer a welcome bonus or not.

Payment methods

This section is reserved for finance. Here you get information on what payment methods you can make deposits, withdrawals, the processing time and commission.

Customer Support

Here is the information packaged about their customer support. Here we tell you does the online casino has live support or not, do their operators are fast and free. Also here you can find all their contact information and how to get in touch with them.

Conclusion for the online casino

Why choose that casino, our opinion of the casino, is all neatly packaged in a few sentences.

What to look out for when choosing an online casino?

Of course, there is a difference between all players and their requirements, but every online casino has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we will list some important features that will help you in choosing a casino.

Customer support in online casinos

As a minimum, you should expect that you can find support in English. The best online casinos have 24-hour customer support. There are often cases where there is 24-hour support but only 12 hours in reality.

International license

Almost all online casinos have an international licence, but the possibility of a casino without an international license is not excluded. We recommend playing only in licensed online casinos, as security is at a much higher level in such licensed casinos.

Fast transfers and no fees

There is nothing worse than waiting to withdraw the profits you have earned from the casino. Payments usually take 1-5 business days, but in some cases, this can take from 2 to 5 months. In addition, there are many online casinos that charge a commission for your deposit or withdrawal. Try to find a casino where the commission is low or there is no commission at all.

Large selection of games in online casinos

At the very least you should have access to at least 100 slot machines and classic games, such as Blackjack and Roulette. If all this is available at a casino, the rating is quite high and can meet your requirements.

Bonus and promotions

Online Casinos are very rare where there are no bonuses and no promotions. Our recommendation in casino reviews is to look for a welcome bonus or free spins. This means that your money is worth more at that casino or if you get free spins then your cash is not at risk. Then you should follow the promotions and offers after you start playing, these are deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses and the like.

Support for different operating systems

We are convinced that a great advantage is if you can access your favourite online casino, from a computer, tablet or smartphone. In conclusion, choose an online casino that offers support for all operating systems.

Online Casinos to avoid according to Casino Reviews

Avoid all online casinos:

  • That charge commission for deposit and withdrawal
  • They do not have a license
  • Have a slow process of withdrawal or deliberately slowed down
  • If they don’t have customer support

On the other hand, we strongly recommend the best 1XBet online casino, 22Bet online casino and Betway online casino. And if you like to play with bitcoins we recommend the Coinbet24 bitcoin casino.

Nigerian Crypto Casinos – Nigerian Bitcoin Casinos

Crypto Casinos have grown in popularity as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, in general, have grown in popularity, with Bitcoin at the forefront of this movement. These casinos have become increasingly popular in Nigeria as a result of their ability to make quick and secure cryptocurrency deposits. In brief, virtual coins provide an alternate method of making payments on casino websites that are free of the constraints that come with using fiat cash. Because bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched, crypto casinos are also known as bitcoin casinos.

Although it may appear self-evident, the crypto casinos on our list must accept a diverse range of cryptocurrencies. While the majority of users favour well-known currencies such as Bitcoin, we never wish to confine gamers to them. As a result, each casino must accept at least three cryptocurrencies to be considered a “crypto casino.”

The most common currencies accepted by the sites on our lists are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

The Benefits of Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they have no ties to governments or banks. Your funds are totally under your control, and your account cannot be frozen or blocked. Cryptocurrencies are the only money accepted internationally since they are not regulated by any government or bank. Regardless of where you live, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency works the same for all Bitcoin gambling sites, thus it’s a perfect alternative for Nigerian casino gamers.

The greatest benefit is anonymity. Throughout the transaction, your personal information is kept safe, and Bitcoin casino transactions will never display on your credit card or bank account statements. Some bitcoin casino sites provide entirely anonymous accounts, allowing you to play your favourite games without disclosing any personal details. Check out Coinbet24 Nigeria casino, which has the most cryptocurrency available for deposits and withdrawals.