• Idea - 8.4/10
  • Graphics - 9/10
  • Sounds - 8.8/10
  • Bonus - 8.4/10

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Sugar Rush, a captivating video slot developed by Pragmatic Play, boasts an expansive layout with 7 reels and 7 rows. The game introduces an intriguing concept where clusters of 5 or more identical symbols trigger rewarding payouts and activate the exciting tumble feature.

Players have the flexibility to tailor their betting experience with a minimum bet of 0.20 and a maximum bet of 100. What sets Sugar Rush apart is its dynamic RTP (Return to Player) options—while the default RTP stands at 96.50%, operators can choose from alternative rates of 95.50% and 94.50%. This flexibility adds a layer of strategic decision-making for both players and operators alike.

With high volatility, Sugar Rush delivers the potential for substantial wins, reaching up to an impressive 5000 times the initial bet. The game’s thrilling nature is further emphasized by the statistical rarity of achieving significant wins. On average, the chance of landing a win of 1000 times the bet or more occurs once in every 37,900 spins. For the ambitious players aiming for the coveted Sugar Rush max win of 5000 times the bet, the odds stand at 1 in 2,340,000 spins. Brace yourself for an exhilarating gaming experience with Sugar Rush, where every spin holds the promise of excitement and substantial rewards.

Graphics & Audio

Pragmatic Play has masterfully crafted a visually appealing spectacle that immerses players in a vibrant and colorful confectionery. The design strikes a perfect balance, delivering a vivid experience without overwhelming the senses. Accompanied by an upbeat and lively background melody, the overall ambiance is akin to savoring a sweet symphony.

Beyond the spinning reels, players find themselves traversing a whimsical landscape constructed entirely from the building blocks of fun and candy. The backdrop is adorned with a plethora of delectable delights, tantalizing your sweet tooth with every spin of the seven-reel grid in this confectionary paradise known as Sweet Bonanza.


Embarking on a fruity fiesta, players delve into the delightful assortment of symbols gracing the paytable in the Sugar Rush online slot game. The innovative Cluster mechanics pave the way for winning combinations to materialize through clusters of five or more matching symbols.

The casino slot showcases primary symbols in the form of charming Gummy Bears, each presenting itself in a vibrant array of colors. Players can anticipate encounters with the 20x Orange Gummy Bear, the 25x Purple Gummy Bear, and the 30x Red Gummy Bear symbols, all contributing to the sweetness of potential wins.

Ascending the hierarchy of confectionery delights, the symbol lineup introduces the enticing 40x Star Candy, the delightful 60x Bean Candy, the alluring 100x Heart Candies, and the tempting 150x Lollipop symbols.

Injecting an additional layer of excitement into gameplay, special symbols come into play. The Scatter symbol emerges as the players’ ticket to the Free Games bonus round, unlocking additional thrills. While the wild symbol assumes a backseat in this sugary adventure, players need not fret— the Tumbling Reels step up to fill that void, a feature that will be explored shortly.

Bonus Features

In Sugar Rush, the primary bonus feature revolves around Multiplier Spots, even during the base game. When a winning symbol vanishes, it creates a spot on the grid. Subsequently, if another winning symbol occupies that spot, it triggers a multiplier. The potential max multiplier is an impressive 128x, adding a dynamic element to regular gameplay.

Free Spins

The highlight of the bonus features in Sugar Rush is the Free Spins round. Activated by the appearance of three to seven Scatters, this round rewards players with a generous range of 10 to 30 Free Spins. A noteworthy aspect is the possibility of retriggering Free Spins, extending the excitement and opportunities for substantial wins.


Sugar Rush by Pragmatic Play delivers a delightful gaming experience with its vibrant visuals, unique Cluster mechanics, and enticing features. The game’s charm lies in the diverse symbols, including Gummy Bears and confectionery delights. The base game’s Multiplier Spots offer excitement, with a potential 128x multiplier.

The Free Spins feature, triggered by Scatters, adds to the thrill, providing players with 10 to 30 Free Spins and the possibility of retriggering. Overall, Sugar Rush strikes a perfect balance between engaging gameplay and rewarding opportunities, making it a standout choice for those seeking a sweet blend of entertainment and wins.