• Idea - 10/10
  • Graphics - 8/10
  • Audio - 8/10
  • Bonus - 7/10

Book of Ra Summary

Book of Ra is one of the most played slot games in the world. Try it for free.

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Book of Ra is a video slot game powered by Novomatic interactive software.

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The idea

As its name implies, the slot game is based on Egyptian mythology. Focusing on it and the symbols in the game are the ones most commonly encountered in stories of ancient Egypt like the scarab holy beetle carved on a gold lever, there are letters A, K, Q and J as well as number 10, Indiana Jones character, sarcophagus Pharaoh but also the book of God Ra. The game was launched back in 2005 and is considered one of the most played slot games of all time.


The graphics of this game are not something that will particularly impress you. What is more, it is quite simple but effective enough to capture every player. Book of Ra graphics are in 2D representation, and the symbols that appear are simple with very small differences in hue.

Book of Ra game play iterface
Book of Ra interface


We must admit that the sounds in the game did not particularly impress us. After playing a little longer, they can become irritating. The turn of the slot is accompanied by the sound characteristic of the period from the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, so it is likely to appeal to those who love games with “retro” makeup.

Book of Ra Bonus Features

Book of Ra slot game is an older type of slot game and does not have some significant bonus options. When you win a winning combination you have the ability to double the win. You get an offer to “raise” money or “take risks”. If you decide to risk, choose which color is the next card – red or black. Then if you hit double the winnings and you have the option to re-pick the ticket and double the winnings (up to five times in a row). If you make a mistake you lose what you have won.

Conclusion for Book of Ra

Book of Ra is the slot game most recommended for beginners. It’s easy to use and there aren’t many additional options, which is certainly the right choice for someone entering the world of slot games. It is one of the most played slot games in the world. So we recommend you to try it for yourself.