Slot games or slot machines are very known in local casinos, but on the internet, you get something that is much better. Here the selection of online slots is quite large, you can win multiple types of Jackpot sweeps, which means Jackpot worth over 10 million euros and not to forget the bonus you can get on your favourite slot machine. In this article we will learn about slot games so that we can help you choose the one that suits you best.

Online slot games in Nigeria

Our recommendation is to gain experience from online slots that you can find at 1XBet and 22Bet online casinos. This means that your casino winnings are safe and tax free. Many of the games you have played in local casinos can be found online, as the software is the same for both the physical slot machine and the online slot machine. The fact that most online slot games are interconnected suggests that you can get to the progressive Jackpot faster, which means the Jackpot increases when more players play.

Online slot games vs offline slot games

Most of us have probably tried to play slot machines at a local casino or betting place, but either we have been winning small or not at all. This is due to two main things that are quite simple:

  • Local slot payouts are significantly lower than online casino slots, and because of that online slots have a higher percentage of profit.
  • Many local slot machines are not interconnected, meaning a big Jackpot is out of the game, so you can’t be a lucky winner of a million.

Higher Payments

Local slot machines usually have payouts between 83 – 88%, while online slots pay between 96-97%. You just get more if you play online.

Progressive Jackpot

In the network of online casinos you will find a growing progressive Jackpot. These winnings are usually between 250,000 and 10,000,000 euros, but in some cases they can reach even more. As for the physical slot machine, the jackpot is worth no more than a few thousand euros.

Bonuses and offers

When playing online slots, you get a so-called “welcome” bonus or free spins. In addition to receiving extra regular access privileges, you also receive support in the form of an email or phone. You won’t get all this at local casinos.

Bonus for slot machines

You’ve probably noticed by now that almost all casinos offer a bonus when depositing money, but sometimes you can get a bonus without making a payment.

Online casinos usually provide free spins for slot games, which means if you choose to play blackjack or roulette this privilege cannot be used. In other words, if you decide to play in an online casino, the choice should be slot games so you can take advantage of the bonus that is offered.

Playing for fun on a online slot game

The choice is huge on the online slot games, so you have a dilemma to choose from. You’ll discover interesting and boring slots, but you can also take a test of certain games, so try out more and choose the one that’s best for you.

Almost all online casinos, with a few exceptions, offer to play online slots for no real money. In other words, you only play for fun without the chance to lose or make a profit. It all sounds so boring, but to break the monotony you have casinos where they give you money without you having to pay. That means you are playing with their money and your cash is not at risk.

Jackpot in the slot games

One of the most important things about gambling i.e. slot games is jackpot. Without Jackpot and trying to make big gains, no one would want to play gambling. As we wrote above, one of the biggest advantages of online casinos is that Jackpot is many times larger than local casinos.

Retro slot with jackpot

It works so that the progressive jackpots are made to increase each time you turn, which means the jackpot can reach millions of dollars as the more players play the faster the jackpot grows. Still there’s no reason to worry if your favorite slot machine doesn’t have a progressive Jackpot. An ordinary jackpot can be worth several hundred thousand euros.

Underneath each slot game on the online slot machine stands the value of the jackpot.

Mobile support

More and more casinos today are offering the opportunity to play online slots via mobile phone, whether iOS or Android operating system. You may notice that the mobile offer is significantly lower than the website, so you can choose from 40 to 50 online slot machines at best, while in some cases the number may be 8-10.

Slot machines

Payment of slot machines

When playing online casinos the rate is 96-97%. In other words, you lose 30 cents every time you play for 10 euros. But let’s be lucky! Some providers give up to 98% in payment, and you can check this information in the slot machine information. But let’s put it differently, the payout rate at local casinos is 85-87%, which in turn means your money in online casinos is worth more.

Is it possible to cheat the slot machine?

You’ve probably heard of systems and strategies that promise “honey and milk” without the risk of certain casino games. When you start playing slot games on a slot machine do not think about fraud. Can’t do it. Everything on the slot machine is based on chance and luck, so when you sit down to play, don’t think about cheating, but enjoy the pleasure it can give you.

Rules and strategies for playing slot games

There are no special rules that apply or something you can do wrong. You can’t use magnets, press the slot machine, as you’ve seen in the movies.

To optimize your winnings, our advice is to look for the highest possible jackpot, not the jackpot that has already won.

Instead of thinking about cheating the system, we always recommend that you follow your senses. This does not mean that you will always be profitable, but it is good when you have the hope that the machine can make a profit.

Questions and Answers about Slot Games

Q: Is there a difference between slot machines?

A: There is a huge difference between slot games. Some games have great graphics and a huge jackpot, while others have a higher payout rate and can give you less pay very often.

Q: What is the payout percentage of slot games?

A: Slot games are usually programmed to pay between 82% to 98% of player money. This is known as “theoretical payout percentage”.

Q: What is a progressive jackpot in slot games?

A: Progressive Jackpot is the ever-growing jackpot. Every time a player turns on the game, the money is added to the progressive Jackpot. In this way, all players contribute to the size of the progressive Jackpot. In most slot games this jackpot is worth a staggering sum, sometimes up to 10 million.

Q: Which slots do you recommend?

A: When you open an online casino site, you will find all the slots, and our recommendation is one of the top ten on offer. These are usually the slots with the best payout percentage.

Q: Which slot game should I choose?

A: That decision is entirely up to you, depending on whether you’re looking for a big jackpot, graphics or a better payout percentage.

Tips for playing online slots

  • Try to find a slot game that fits your requirements.
  • Say “Yes” to the bonus offered to you.
  • Check which Jackpot is the biggest and not long received.
  • Avoid the nervousness and feel the excitement offered to you and most importantly forget about the idea of ​​cheating the machine.

Our recommendation for choosing slot games

Book of Ra: is one of the most played online slot games. We definitely recommend this retro slot game.

20 Super Hot: is a old school retro slot game. For all fans of retro slot games this is need to play.

Book of Dead: slot game themed in ancient Egyptian mythology.