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The first thing that pops into mind when we think of casino games is slot games. When it comes to slots, the first thing that comes to mind is the well-known fruit slots. Fruit slots with three so-called drums were the only way to play when gaming was just getting started. They were available in pubs and casinos, before even reaching the internet and becoming a huge business.

Everything has changed since then. To play these fruit-themed slot machines, you no longer need to go to the nearest bar or casino. You can find plenty of slot games online. Every casino game provider, from a small unknown startup to one of the huge betting giants, offers a variety of slot fruit games in its portfolio.

Slot games or slot machines are very known in local casinos, but on the internet, you get something that is much better. Here the selection of online slots is quite large, you can win multiple types of Jackpots, which means Jackpot worth over 10 million euros and not to forget the bonus you can get on your favourite slot machine.

On this page, we explain everything about online slot games so that we can help you choose the one that suits you best.

Online slot games in Nigeria

Our recommendation is to gain experience from online slots that you can find at 1XBet and 22Bet online casinos. This means that your casino winnings are safe and tax-free. Many of the games you have played in local casinos can be found online, as the software is the same for both the physical slot machine and the online slot machine. The fact that most online slot games are interconnected suggests that you can get to the progressive Jackpot faster, which means the Jackpot increases when more players play.

Online slot games vs offline slot games

Most of us have probably tried to play slot machines at a local casino or betting place, but either we have been winning small or not at all. This is due to two main things that are quite simple:

  • Local slot payouts are significantly lower than online casino slots, and because of that online slots have a higher percentage of profit.
  • Many local slot machines are not interconnected, meaning a big Jackpot is out of the game, so you can’t be a lucky winner of a million.

Higher Payments

Local slot machines usually have payouts between 83 – 88%, while online slots pay between 96-97%. You just get more if you play online.

Progressive Jackpot

In the network of online casinos, you will find a growing progressive Jackpot. These winnings are usually between 250,000 and 10,000,000 euros, but in some cases, they can reach even more. As for the physical slot machine, the jackpot is worth no more than a few thousand euros.

Bonuses and offers

When playing online slots, you get a so-called “welcome” bonus or free spins. In addition to receiving extra regular access privileges, you also receive support in the form of an email or phone. You won’t get all this at local casinos.

Return To Player

RTP on slot games in land-based casinos is between 83% and 88%. The online casino slot games have a 96%-97% payout ratio, which is a significant advantage for online slots. You’ll find potential jackpot winnings for casino games ranging from 100,000 euros to ten million euros in online casinos.

How Online Slot Games Work

It’s a good idea to learn how online slot games work before you start playing. What you need to know is that the casino has no influence over the outcome, but the online slot machines are supported by a number of algorithms.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is used by every online casino, and it serves one crucial purpose. The RNG must generate entirely random sequences of numbers every time the spin button is touched. As a result, several mathematical calculations determine the outcome of your spin. This means that the casino has no control over the slot machine’s chances or the frequency with which a winning combination is triggered.

All of the online casinos we recommend and review on our site have been licensed by the most reputable gaming authorities in the world. Before being granted a license, casinos must pass a series of inspections and examinations. This includes testing the RNG to guarantee that the casino’s outcomes are not altered and that each spin is fair to the players. So, take a look at our Nigerian casino reviews, pick the online casino that best meets your needs, and have fun.

Types of Online Slot Games

Players in Nigeria can now enjoy a variety of online slot games, rather than just basic fruit-themed slots, thanks to quick technological advancements. Slots featuring various numbers of reels, hundreds of paylines and extra features, and, most importantly, jackpot slots with life-changing prizes.

First, we’ll sort the slots into categories based on the type of slot machine. Classic slots are the most basic, with three reels that make you feel like you’re in a real casino. Since there is just one payline and they are simple to understand, they are ideal for novices. Plus, you can’t lose as much as you can with the other forms of games.

Video slots are the most popular because they can feature more than three reels and, of course, multiple paylines, sometimes reaching hundreds. The graphics and acoustics are also superior to the old versions, and you get to enjoy some pleasant games

Slots featuring a storyline are known as 3D slots. You move through several levels or play side challenges as you play. It’s like a combination of a current video game and the excitement of a slot machine. 1xBet Nigeria includes fantastic 3D slot games, as well as many more casino games.

Retro slot with jackpot

Slot Games with Different Number of Paylines

The current slot games all offer considerably more paylines than the classic 3-reel slots, which only had one payline, which was a combination of three in a row. The number of paylines on a slot machine can now range from nine to 243. There is a bigger possibility of winning by playing with more paylines, but it also costs more. 5, 9, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 100 are some of the standard paylines, which can be horizontal, vertical, or even zigzag.

Many software companies are now offering MegaWays slot games as the newest addition to the varieties of online casino slot games accessible. They offer 243, 1024, and over 100,000 ways to win, as the name implies. These slots pay regardless of where the symbols appear, unlike traditional paylines that pay from right to left. They are available in a variety of formats and include numerous supplementary features.

Slot Games Bonus Features

The bonus features offered by new video slots are one of the reasons why classic slots have been phased out. Unlocking these elements adds to the game’s excitement and intrigue. Regardless of which bonus feature the game has, it is undoubtedly an additional way to win money. Unless you’re playing for a progressive jackpot. Then it isn’t simply another victory; it is a life-changing event. As a result, these are regarded as the best casino slot games.

Free Spins

The free spins feature is one of the additional features that a video slot can provide. The player is given a set number of free spins while using this option. It is usually triggered when a precise combination of symbols is hit. You can play the spins for free and keep your winnings.

Bonus Round

Another fantastic element for slot fans is the bonus round. The bonus round can be triggered in a variety of ways, the most common of which is by matching special symbols. When the button is pressed, the reel disappears and a new game with rich audiovisual effects shows up on the screen. This bonus game differs significantly from the regular slot game; for example, you may be requested to link the identical objects.

Jackpot Slots

The most played slots are the ones with a certain jackpot prize. There are two types of jackpot slots, progressive and non-progressive.

As the names suggest, the progressive jackpot slots have a jackpot whose amount is not predetermined. The jackpot pool of the slot increases with each new bet, so the more players play the slot the higher the jackpot amount.

On the other hand, the non-progressive jackpot slots have a fixed amount that is integrated into the game. The size of the jackpot is unrelated to the number of people who are playing that particular slot. Neither is the number of bets placed.

Tumbling Reels

Tumbling reels are a modern online slot game feature in which the symbols on a winning line are removed after a victory, allowing any symbols from above to fall into the empty area, allowing you to create another winning line. All of your winning symbols will be eliminated from the reels once you’ve got your initial reward, and the remaining symbols will slide as far down the screen as possible. Some vacant spots will appear at the top of the screen, and new symbols will appear.

How to Play Free Slot Games

Nowadays there is a large number of online slot games, with different types of bonuses so you might find it difficult to choose one. So, the best way to try them all is to play for free, or as some online casinos call it, playing for fun.

With a few exceptions, almost all online casinos in Nigeria allow you to play online slots for free. In other words, you merely play for fun and have no possibility of losing or profiting. It all sounds so monotonous, but there are casinos where you can get money without having to pay for it.

You’ve certainly noticed that practically every casino offers a bonus when you make a deposit, but you may also get a bonus without making a deposit.

Free spins are normally only available for slot games at online casinos, so you won’t be able to use them if you want to play blackjack or roulette. To put it another way, if you decide to play in an online casino, your first choice should be slot games so that you can take advantage of the bonus.

Mobile support

More and more casinos today are offering the opportunity to play online slots via mobile phone, whether iOS or Android operating system. You may notice that the mobile offer is significantly lower than the website, so you can choose from 40 to 50 online slot machines at best, while in some cases the number maybe 8-10.

Slot machines

Is it possible to cheat the slot machine?

You’ve probably heard of systems and strategies that promise “honey and milk” without the risk of certain casino games. When you start playing slot games on a slot machine do not think about fraud. Can’t do it. Everything on the slot machine is based on chance and luck, so when you sit down to play, don’t think about cheating, but enjoy the pleasure it can give you.

Rules and strategies for playing slot games

There are no special rules that apply or something you can do wrong. You can’t use magnets, press the slot machine, as you’ve seen in the movies.

To optimize your winnings, our advice is to look for the highest possible jackpot, not the jackpot that has already won.

Instead of thinking about cheating the system, we always recommend that you follow your senses. This does not mean that you will always be profitable, but it is good when you have the hope that the machine can make a profit.

Questions and Answers about Slot Games

Q: Is there a difference between slot machines?

A: There is a huge difference between slot games. Some games have great graphics and a huge jackpot, while others have a higher payout rate and can give you less pay very often.

Q: What is the payout percentage of slot games?

A: Slot games are usually programmed to pay between 82% to 98% of player money. This is known as “theoretical payout percentage”.

Q: What is a progressive jackpot in slot games?

A: Progressive Jackpot is the ever-growing jackpot. Every time a player turns on the game, the money is added to the progressive Jackpot. In this way, all players contribute to the size of the progressive Jackpot. In most slot games this jackpot is worth a staggering sum, sometimes up to 10 million.

Q: Which slots do you recommend?

A: When you open an online casino site, you will find all the slots, and our recommendation is one of the top ten on offer. These are usually the slots with the best payout percentage.

Q: Which slot game should I choose?

A: That decision is entirely up to you, depending on whether you’re looking for a big jackpot, graphics or a better payout percentage.

Tips for playing online slots

  • Try to find a slot game that fits your requirements.
  • Say “Yes” to the bonus offered to you.
  • Check which Jackpot is the highest and hasn’t been triggered in a while
  • Avoid the nervousness and feel the excitement offered to you and most importantly forget about the idea of ​​cheating the slot.

What are the best slot games?

Book of Ra: is one of the most played online slot games. We definitely recommend this retro slot game. It is one of the oldest slots and is still popular with players. It’s a 5-reel, 9-payline slot with an Egyptian theme.

Starburst – One of the most popular slots, featuring a plethora of entertaining and bonus features. This slot has an incredible RTP of 96.09%, making it highly recommended.

Book of Dead: slot game themed in ancient Egyptian mythology. Book of Dead is by far the best casino slot game we’ve ever played. It has everything a player could possibly desire. From a perfectly developed concept to fantastic graphics and sound, as well as incredible extras, this game has it all. Furthermore, the RTP is over 96%, which isn’t something you see every day.

20 Super Hot: is a retro-themed slot that caters to gamers who enjoy reminiscing about the past. This slot is a true classic, with 20 lines and a multitude of winning combinations. It is possible to say that it is the best slot game of all time.

40 Super Hot – If you enjoy classic slot machines, 40 Super Hot is the game for you. This slot game provides a diverse selection of winning potential as well as a thrilling experience.

Burning Hot – Burning Hot is a fantastic slot game with a lot of different ways to win. You will be sorry if you decide to try it.

Flaming Hot – This is the most popular fruit machine. Since there are 40 paylines and, to be honest, the profits are pretty substantial, this is understandable.