• Idea - 9.1/10
  • Graphics - 9.5/10
  • Audio - 8.6/10
  • Bonus - 8.4/10

Burning Hot Summary

Burning Hot is a really fantastic slot game and the right choice for all fans of this type of games.

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Burning Hot is a video slot game powered by EGT (Euro Games Technology) software and is a modern slot game.

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The idea

Burning Hot is an extremely engaging slot game that has the potential to earn you big profits. Thanks to the innovativeness of EGT people, the game is extremely attractive and interesting, which adds to the impression of total fun.

The game is made up of fruit symbols that we can call basic, but there are many other symbols that make this slot game even more interesting. There are stars, clovers and weeks. The most sought after symbols that, if given, increase the number of possible winning combinations are the so-called. “Skater symbols” in this case the dollar and the purple star.

The game is started by selecting the amount of bets you want to play, and if you want you can also select the “autoplay” option so you don’t have to constantly click to turn the slot.


EGT has made this slot game look extremely attractive with vibrant colors and interesting animations. Burning Hot game features a clear and clean interface with no unnecessary details. Such graphical solutions proved to be extremely good and were always rated by the highest marks by the players. It is because of these feedback that EGT has not given up on its own, we can freely say traditional and recognizable graphics.


The Burning Hot slot game is characterized by fairly simple sounds when turning the slot. When you get one of the Wild or Skater symbols, it is accompanied by a characteristic, fast-paced sound. Somewhat longer sound tunes occur when you get one of the winning combinations.


A lot of different bonuses are earned when you get the right combination of symbols. The most sought after dollar and purple star symbols are the most significant in determining the eventual bonus.

Also, there is an option of doubling the winnings that you can make by choosing which colors will be the next card – red or black. If you hit the win you double, but if you miss you lose the win.

The conclusion to Burning Hot

Burning Hot is a really fantastic slot game and the right choice for all fans of this type of games.