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One of the most popular casino games in Nigeria is Spin and Win. It is basic, easy to learn, and anyone can play it. The game comes in several variations, but the core principles stay the same. The goal is to spin the wheel and wait for where the ball will land.

You will earn a prize if you accurately predict where the ball will fall. The reward amount is determined by how much you bet and which version of the game you are playing.

Spin and Win Bet9ja

Spin and Win Bet9ja is a spinning game accessible in Nigeria at the Bet9ja casino. Essentially, players spin a wheel in the hopes of winning prizes. The wheel is divided into sections, each with its own reward. When the wheel is spun, it will stop at random on one of these sections, awarding the matching prize.
The fundamental purpose of Spin & Win Bet9ja is to spin the wheel in the hopes that the marker will land on the predefined colors or multipliers that have been set for wagering. Players place varied bets on each color or multiplier, with the color distribution varying across the wheel.

Higher multipliers are related with a lower frequency of appearance of the associated color on the wheel, whereas lower multipliers are associated with higher occurrences. If the marker lands on a given color, the wager made on that color is multiplied, and the winnings for that particular spin are calculated.


Yellow (x2), blue (x4), red (x5), green (x10), pink (2x), and white (x40) are the colors on the board of the casino spin and win game. These colors are ordered from most often to least frequent based on their multiplier value. The wheel also has 1, 2, and 4 spins, which provide the player with free spins.

Spin and win Bet9ja game

 How to play Spin and Win Bet9ja?

To start playing the Spin and Win Bet9ja game, you should first log in to your Bet9ja account. If you don’t have one, use the button above to register at Bet9ja.

Once you’re logged in, you will need to check whether you have enough funds in your account. If not, you can use Opay to make a deposit.

Then, find the casino Spin and Win game in the menu, and then follow the steps:

  1. Choose your stake. Stake selections range from 50 to 100, 250 to 500, and 2.5k to 10k and are displayed as chips at the bottom left of the screen. If the player wishes, they can stack chips to reach a number that is not possible with just one chip.
  2. Choose which color(s) to gamble on for each spin. The various colors to bet on are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and clicking on one of them will place the desired wager on it.
  3. Press the ‘spin’ button at the bottom right of the game screen to start the game. Pressing’rebet’ will repeat the previous bet you made, and autoplay can be used to automatically rebet and spin for a certain number of times.
  4. When the wheel has finished spinning, the color/multiplier on which the notch lands determines A) whether the player has won from that spin or B) how much you win based on your investment.

Opay Spin and Win

To enhance the convenience of playing Spin & Win on Bet9ja, consider using OPay to make deposits. OPay is a trusted mobile payment platform that offers secure and seamless transactions. By using OPay, you can quickly fund your Bet9ja account, allowing you to engage in the spin and win game without any hassle.