Play Tombala at 1xBet Casino and Win a Guaranteed Free Ticket

A new promotion was just launched at 1xBet Nigeria that guarantees a free lottery ticket for all players that buy 5 tickets for the Tombala game in one session. In other words, you just play the game as you would normally do, to have fun and score wins, and for every 5 bets you get another chance to win with a free ticket from 1xBet.

In case you haven’t tried the game of Tombala bingo so far, it’s a simple and enjoyable live game that comes with multiple winning chances for you. There are 90 balls in draw and you have the option to bet on cards, colors, or rewards. There are 20 cards to bet on, each with 15 random numbers on them. You can buy as many tickets as you want and then the balls are selected randomly and presented to you by a beautiful live dealer to complete the tickets. You can either win a line, two lines, tombala ( all the 15 numbers on a ticket), first line in 15 balls, Tulum, or first line in 5 balls. The draw ends when at least one of the players gets a Tombala on one of their cards.

The value of the free ticket you receive in this promotion will be 20% of the sum of the 5 tickets you bought to qualify for the promotion. So, if the overall value of the 5 tickets you previously bought is €200, the free lottery ticket you receive from 1xBet will be €40.

And the good news keeps on coming! There is no limit to how many tickets you can receive. For every 5 tickets, you get a free one and the same applies for every set of 5 tickets you buy after receiving your reward. Also, there is no limit to the value of the free ticket you receive. If your previous 5 tickets sum up to, let’s say, €1,000, the value of the free ticket will be €200. There are no sort of limitations involved.

To enjoy this exciting new promotion, you need to be a member of 1xBet. If you don’t have an account with them already, hurry up and create one right now. You will enjoy an outstanding welcome bonus as well as access to numerous other promotions designed to boost your winning chances!

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