Ticket of the Day (Friday, 17.11.2023)

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The qualifications continue, both for the World Cup 2026 and for EURO 2024, depending on which continent you are on. The proposed odds and limits were valid at the time of compiling the ticket.

Poland – Czech R. – fr 1 @ 2.55 at Mozzartbet

The Poles have slim chances of going to Germany for the EURO, and it would be a severe blow to football in this country. There would be a huge number of Polish fans in Germany, but knowing that they could also cause problems, as happened in 2006 at the World Cup in this country. With a duel against the Czech Republic, Poland ends these qualifications, and a potential victory would bring them to 13 points, which is currently also held by Albania with one game less. The Czech Republic would remain at 11, but with a victory in the last round against Moldova, they would surpass Poland and secure a place in the European Championship. The trouble is that the Moldovans also have their calculations, and if they beat Albania at home, the match with the Czech Republic would be a direct duel for a place in the EURO, which they have never been to, and their motivation would be at its highest. For the Czechs, it would be best if Albania wins in Moldova, so they would play with uninterested Moldovans in the last round, or, more simply, to win in Poland and resolve all doubts. They say hope dies last, and that is the ace up the sleeve for the hosts in this match.

Therefore, we suggest a Home Win Bet (fr 1) with odds of 2.55 at the Mozzartbet bookmaker.

Finland – N.Ireland – 1X&un 2.5 @ 1.80 at Mozzartbet

The disappointing qualifications are drawing to a close for Finland and Northern Ireland. Both teams had secretly hoped for a place in the EURO, which was not unrealistic since Denmark was the absolute favorite, and these teams, along with Slovenia and Kazakhstan, were given equal chances. They had quite a few shortcomings, especially Northern Ireland, who managed to win only against San Marino twice, while losing the other six matches. Finland had good chances until the October qualifications when they recorded two losses, against Slovenia away and Kazakhstan at home. This sealed their fate, and two rounds before the end of the cycle, they have no chance even for second place. The leading duo, Denmark and Slovenia, each have 19 points, while Finland has only gathered 12. The team from the ‘land of a thousand lakes’ won in Belfast and realistically could celebrate in Helsinki too. However, perhaps the coaches of both teams might experiment with their lineups since they are out of chances for qualification, so we hedge our bets with a draw as well. Along with a double chance on the home team, we also suggest a low number of goals.

For 1X&un 2.5, the odds are 1.80 at Mozzartbet.

Denmark – Slovenia – 1&ov 1.5 @ 2.05 at Mozzartbet

The Danes are in a better situation than the Slovenians in that in the last round they have a match with Northern Ireland, who have no chance of going to the EURO, while Slovenia, in case of a defeat in Copenhagen, will decide their fate in a direct duel with Kazakhstan. This is all assuming that Slovenia loses in Denmark and Kazakhstan beats San Marino, which is more than certain. In that potential decisive match, the Slovenians would need only a point at home against Kazakhstan, and perhaps Matjaž Kek’s team will be more focused on such a clash than on the match at Parken, knowing the quality of the Vikings. All in all, there is a high probability that we will see both of these teams in Germany. For the Danes, this is expected, as they were the group leaders, but the Slovenians pleasantly surprised in some matches, especially against Denmark and Finland in Ljubljana. Let’s believe that the Danes also don’t want to wait for the last round and the match in Belfast to secure their place, especially since they have the example of the Italians from the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, where they played goalless in Northern Ireland in the last round and had to go to the playoffs where they were eliminated by North Macedonia. Therefore, a home win is the first choice, and we believe in at least two goals in Slovenia’s net.

For 1&ov 1.5 the coefficient at the Mozzartbet bookmaker is 2.05.

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