Pragmatic Play Teams Up with BetMGM and LeoVegas for Super Fun Live Casino Games

Exciting news for game lovers! Pragmatic Play, the cool game maker, has joined forces with BetMGM and LeoVegas to bring awesome live casino games.

Now, BetMGM ( and LeoVegas ( have their own versions of Pragmatic Play’s special game, Auto Mega Roulette. This game is super cool because you don’t need a dealer, and it has Mega Multipliers that can make you win up to 500 times your bet—how cool is that?

In the Netherlands, is taking things up a notch by using fancy digital stuff from Pragmatic Play to create custom tables. This means players get a super smooth and cool experience that’s just for them.

BetMGM and LeoVegas are now part of the big group of famous brands using Pragmatic Play’s live casino games. People love these games because they make playing even more fun.

Irina Cornides, who helps run things at Pragmatic Play, says, “This partnership with BetMGM and LeoVegas is a big deal for us. We want to make sure our games give the best entertainment, and now our partners can make their games unique and special for their players.”

So, get ready for even more fun and personalized gaming with the new versions of Auto Mega Roulette. It’s game time with BetMGM, LeoVegas, and Pragmatic Play!

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