Endorphina’s 2023 Triumphs: AI Integration, Top Awards, and Unprecedented Achievements!

In the dynamic world of online slot development, Endorphina has consistently set new standards for over a decade, and 2023 proved to be a monumental year for the company. With an impressive lineup of achievements, game releases, and industry accolades, Endorphina has solidified its position as a frontrunner in the iGaming industry.

Game-Changing Releases: In 2023, Endorphina unleashed more than 25 high-quality slots, significantly expanding its game portfolio. The company now boasts a collection of 150+ of the best video slots on the market, captivating players with innovative themes and engaging gameplay.

Award-Winning Success: Endorphina secured its place in the limelight by clinching three prestigious industry awards. The company was honored with The Best Platform Provider Award at Spice India 2023, recognized as the Rising Star in Baltic Online Casino Technology 2023 at BSG Awards, and crowned Slots Provider of the Year at the Affpapa iGaming Awards.

AI Breakthrough: Endorphina made history by developing Joker Ra, the first-ever online slot created with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. This groundbreaking achievement showcases Endorphina’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the gaming industry.

Innovative Features: The introduction of the Jackpot RTP+ feature has set Endorphina apart, promising players better odds for hitting jackpots and an overall improved Return to Player (RTP). This innovation reflects the company’s dedication to enhancing the gaming experience for its audience.

Global Presence and Engagement: Endorphina actively participated in key iGaming events worldwide, including ICE LONDON 2023, GAT Expo Cartagena, CASINOBEATS SUMMIT 2023, and more. The company’s global engagement underscored its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and connecting with a diverse audience.

Media and Social Media Impact: Endorphina’s success reverberated across the media landscape, with 500+ partner articles and over 500 social media posts amassing a remarkable 12K+ likes. The company’s achievements resonated strongly with both industry insiders and the broader gaming community.

Corporate Perspective: Dzangar Jesenov, Endorphina’s Corporate Compliance Manager, highlighted the company’s focus on Compliance and expanding its brand presence in existing and new markets. Emphasizing the successful defense of international ISO27001 certification and strategic collaborations, Jesenov expressed pride in Endorphina’s achievements and the dedication of its talented team.

As the curtain falls on 2023, Endorphina stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the iGaming landscape, with eyes set on new horizons and continued success in the years to come.

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