NGN 300 Million Up for Grabs in Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot!

Football enthusiasts have a chance to win a staggering NGN 300 million in the Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot. The contest challenges participants to accurately predict the outcomes of 20 football matches, pre-selected by Mozzart Bet. Each ticket costs NGN 300 and allows for multiple combinations and outcomes.

The grand prize of NGN 300 million will be equally divided among all participants who successfully predict all 20 match results. Additionally, Mozzart Bet is offering cash bonuses for those who nearly hit the mark, with prizes for predicting 17 to 19 matches correctly.

In case any of the games are postponed or interrupted, Mozzart Bet will adjust the ticket odds accordingly. The company is also prepared to cancel the jackpot and refund stakes if four or more games are affected.

Winners must present valid ID at Mozzart’s office for prize collection, ensuring a secure and transparent process. Betting can be easily done via the Mozzart App or through their website at, making it accessible for all eager to try their luck at the massive jackpot.

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